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Video Content Creation for Social Channels

Connecting creators or brands to an audience - in the most delightful ways - is my favorite duty as an editor and video producer!

I've had opportunities in all stages of production: from drafting strategy & storyboards in pre-production, lighting/filming on set, animating motion graphics, mixing sound design, and finalizing post edits in Premiere.

I'd love to share these samples with you:

Anime & Gaming Fandoms

I also love creating fun experiences for my Anime, Comic, and gaming communities.  Crunchyroll has even featured me on their CRX pages a couple of times!

Conventions have been the best way to celebrate creators and their characters alongside fellow fans!  Most importantly, it helps keep the community that I wish to serve in perspective.  Here are some personal projects and memes I'd love to share:

New Channel

New Channel

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Sizzle Reels, Pitches, and Digital Programming

My most exciting projects include sizzle reels and pitch trailers!  For these, I worked closely with internal Marketing and Development teams to create dynamic teasers for various projects.

It can take my whole toolkit of pre-production, audio mastering, and animation to deliver these concepts. To me, it's incredibly fulfilling to craft videos that bring a Brand's narrative or stakeholder's vision to life.   These have blossomed into exciting collaborations with influencer talents and production opportunities with Facebook, Snapchat, PlutoTV, XUMO, and more!


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