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Digital Comic Trailers for Social & UA

The videos I'm most proud of were produced in collaboration with the talented Artists and Marketing teams of WEBTOON!  I delivered these trailers with storyboards, animations in After Effects, motion graphics, sound design, and edits in Premiere.


My secret?  Being an absolute fanboy of these series enabled me to find the most compelling themes of a story, then design visuals that would best engage my fellow fans.  This helped WEBTOON's expanding library reach millions of daily viewers across YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok!

Connecting creators or brands to an audience - in the most delightful ways - is my favorite duty as an editor and video producer! 

I've shared some of my favorites for you:

Video Production for Gaming

Being a gamer has enriched my process of developing content alongside Creative and Audience Development teams!  This was especially true when driving organic growth for global brands and licensors such as Fail Army, AFV, and Gamology! 

In this example, I helped refresh a format that had Martial Arts Experts "react" to the Gamology community's favorite fighting games.  The community loved it so much that there was an outpour of suggestions for other games!  Today, the format is one of Gamology's best-performing series.

Anime & Gaming Fandoms

I also love creating fun experiences for my Anime, Comic, and gaming communities.  Crunchyroll has even featured me on their CRX pages a couple of times!

Conventions have been the best way to celebrate creators and their characters alongside fellow fans!  Most importantly, it helps keep the community that I wish to serve in perspective.  Here are some personal projects and memes I'd love to share:

New Channel

New Channel

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Sizzle Reels, Pitches, and Digital Programming

My most exciting projects include sizzle reels and pitch trailers!  For these, I worked closely with internal Marketing and Development teams to create dynamic teasers for various projects.

It can take my whole toolkit of pre-production, audio mastering, and animation to deliver these concepts. To me, it's incredibly fulfilling to craft videos that bring a Brand's narrative or stakeholder's vision to life.   These have blossomed into exciting production opportunities and Brand deals with Facebook, Snapchat, PlutoTV, XUMO, and more!

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