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Social Media Content Creation

The videos I'm most proud of are done in collaboration with talented production teams and delightful influencers!  I've helped grow communities for channels such as AFV, Gamology, and Fail Army - reaching millions of daily viewers across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.  Being able to connect a brand or creator to their audience in the most clear, fun, and engaging means possible is my favorite duty as an editor and visual storyteller.  

Here are some samples:

Comics, Manga, Webtoons, etc

When I'm not in the trenches of daily creative strategy, I love making time to create things for the Comic, Anime, and gaming communities!

I go to conventions to enjoy new trends alongside fellow fans and celebrate creators.  Most importantly, it helps keep the audience that I've dedicated myself to serve in perspective.  After all, I'm a big ol' nerd too!  Here are samples of my personal projects and memes:

New Channel

New Channel

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Sizzle Reels and Pitches

My most exciting projects have been working on sizzles and pitches!  For these, I worked closely with Production to create dynamic teasers for various projects.

I love crafting visuals to express a Company's narrative in exciting ways!  These samples have secured various production opportunities with Facebook, Snapchat, Verizon, etc.

Digital Media & Creative Programming

While collaborating with various Social Teams I've had opportunities to produce digital series that have blossomed into partnerships with Facebook, PlutoTV, Xumo, etc.

Producing content that helps brands connect to their audience in refreshing, impactful, and compelling ways - is a challenge I savor!

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