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Stephan Valeros website art.
Stephan Valeros website art

Hi, I'm Stephan Valeros!

Welcome.  Are you excited to create something cool?  I'm an animation geek who enjoys mastering visual narrative to make my team look good - and I've got the Storyboards to show you how! I Video Edit to bring the best out of any story, too. Have fun looking around and let me know how you'd like to team up!

Sketches, Figure drawing, Concept Art, & More!

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Here are my favorite samples, cherry-picked for you!

Storyboards by Stephan Valeros


Comedy, Action, Acting, & More!

Video Editing Samples by Stephan Valeros

Published works for MCNs & Sizzle Reels!

Videos & Edits

My Hero Academia Fan art by Stephan Valeros

Sketches, Figure drawing, Concept Art, & More!


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